Live Video Feedback & Training System @ Thurleigh Equestrian Centre
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A live HD video training system that provides immediate feedback to the rider
Ideal for identifying strengths and weaknesses in your position
Training session focused on identifying and improving specific issues that effect your position and how this impacts on your horse
Assists riders and horses of all levels – from beginners through to competition riders
A highly effective way to improve your effectiveness and gain higher dressage marks

Rider and horse posture are totally inter-connected and it is often difficult when riding to feel when you are out of balance, not sitting straight, un-level in your shoulders or pelvis or collapsing to one side.

At Thurleigh Equestrian Centre, we have developed an immediate video feedback training system that can show you while you are on your horse how your position is effecting the way your horse works. A set of HD cameras installed in our indoor arena film you from all angles during the lesson whilst you ride through a range of school movements and exercises. You can then view this from the saddle whist in the arena. Having identified key issues, our highly experienced instructors will work with you on specific exercises to improve and adjust your position, allowing you to make immediate adjustment and improvements during the session.

If required, we can provide a more detailed analysis of your riding position after the lesson, with slow motion footage to review your position and how it affects the horse's way of going.

Now you can clearly see what is happening while you are riding & make immediate improvements to how you & your horse work.
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Contact Beth on 01234 771882 or e-mail office@thurleighequestriancentre.co.uk to find out more or book a lesson.