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Event Schedule - Summer 2020

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Char Lassetter Dressage Clinics.

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NEW DATES: Saturday 20th June 2020 (contact Beth for more details). July and August dates will be posted on our Facebook.

We are pleased to announce Char’s latest monthly dressage clinics dates. Each session is £60.00 per individual 45min lesson - sessions in our indoor / outdoor arena (depending on weather)

Char is an international dressage rider and trainer who has helped numerous riders up through the level in both dressage and eventing. Her experience at competing at Grand Prix give her clients a practical and workable insight on how to improve performance.

To book a lesson e-mail us at or call Beth on 01234 771882

Jo Winfield FBHS Flat/Polework clinic - PROVISIONAL DATE - 10th August 2020.

Jo Clinic
We are thrilled to have secured more dates with Jo Winfield FBHS to hold flatwork/polework clinics.

Jo gained her Fellowship of the British Horse Society in 2007. She is a General Fellow and has skills, qualifications and experience across all disciplines. She specialises in helping riders and horses at all levels to perform to their full potential. Those who came to her inspiring talk about confidence recently will understand her philosophy that horse riding should be fun and rewarding!

The clinic will run as six hourly sessions for 3 people per group. Both flatwork and polework will be offered, according to demand.

To book your place, please contact Ann Kennedy on Facebook or email for the booking form. A place will be held for 4 days to allow you time to return the form and payment!



NEW DATES: 5th July 2020 - further dates to be confirmed.

Kim is a List 1 dressage judge, a National Para judge and British Dressage (BD) UKCC Level 3 coach/trainer. She is also a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. Kim has experience of judging and training at all levels, from Young Horses and Preliminary test combinations up to Advanced riders. She can help riders to improve their test riding as well as their way of going.

To find out more about Kim, prices for individual sessions and to book a lesson please contact her directly @ or visit her website


Robert Pring is a classical rider who trained for 10 years with the late Herr Franz Rochowansky, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. He has over 30 years' experience training both horse and rider up to Grand Prix level. As a Grand Prix rider himself he understands how the rider's position and balance, particularly the hand and pelvis, have a profound influence on the ability of a horse to perform with freedom of movement. He is experienced in all types of horses and ponies and is passionate about creating happiness and harmony between equine and rider, emphasised by his sympathetic and classical methods of training.

To find out more about Robert, visit his website @

To book your lesson, e-mail us at or call Beth on 01234 771882